Our Story

Our Story

Before “In The Raw” store was even a thought, I had an eye opening experience that planted the seed.  I went to a cleanse retreat at Bayside Natural Health in Baie St. Ann in New Brunswick. 

There I was taught the astonishing benefits of eating a plant based diet.  It awakened me to the importance of eating unprocessed real food.  

It was then I could see the importance of what we put in our bodies, and the connection to our health.  

Very shortly after experiencing this first hand I wanted to share my excitement and knowledge with others which led me to attend a market. 

It all started with growing  sprouts and wheatgrass.  Eating greens is crucial to a plant based diet.  Which is why I chose wheatgrass which gives you approximately 2.5 lbs of leafy green veggies in only one ounce! 

From then we organically grew.  Now we are in numerous stores around Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario and always expanding.  

We are so pleased to share Foods You Can Trust! 

Meet Our Team

Over the years we are so proud of the growth at In The Raw.  

We are fortunate to have such experienced local community members producing the food we share.  

As time has gone on,  this small local business has grown to be shared with people in many provinces and locations. 

Thank you for all the hard work our team puts in every day to make this all possible!

Founder and Passionate Owner: