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Lenna, Owner and raw food magic maker

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After having a banking career that spanned 45 years Sue decided to follow her true passion. She decided to take part in the Culinary Arts program at NSCC.

While studying, she has followed an interest in preparing vegan foods. After experiencing the benefits of eating vegan she decided to go vegan herself.

Sue is responsible for making many of the complex, delicious meals we produce. Including frozen desserts, soups, stews, meals, master tonic… you name it, she makes it!!


We are so fortunate to have Nicola join our team!

She has nearly completed her Holistic Nutritional Consultant Program at the Canadian School Natural Nutrition.

For those who Love the Pecan Clusters, she makes them the best!!

You can see her beautiful smile at In The Raw, where she will be happy to chat with you and tell you all about our products!

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Peanut Butter Ball Fairies: 

Do you want to know why our balls are the best in town?

They are made by high school students, who love to work at In The Raw and still get 90’s in school.
Not only are they business smart. They are money smart! They are saving for university with wages from selling the peanut butter balls. One of them was already able to buy a car from her wages.

We are so fortunate to have such dedicated local help!  It is a win – win and you get to enjoy the best Peanut Butter Balls ever!