Cracked Hand & Foot Rescue

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Testimonials from our clients

Jess is in LOVE with the Cracked Hand & Foot Rescue! <3 This is her first year without cracked and bleeding hands! :) ******************* This stuff is amazing!💚First winter that my hands have not cracked and bled. I am hard on my hands... building rock walls, weeding a pasture full of thorns and shoveling compost doesn't leave your hands in great shape. All of these also lead to me washing them A LOT and using hand sanitizer A LOT. My hands were better overnight after I used this. I am in love with it. Yes I happen to work at In The Raw ... no I am not trying to sell you our products. This stuff sells itself. Seriously come visit me at work and check this stuff out ! Your dry skin where ever it’s at will thank you
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